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Giant Bombcast 493: Boosh! It’s a Mess

2017-08-08 19:26 Giant Bombcast

We ruminate on Hellblade’s intimate handling of psychosis, gush about Mossmouth’s new game reveal, take sides in the Splatfest civil war, lust after crates full of miniskirts, and check in with Scottish Ben, all on this week’s Bombcast!

Unfinished EX: Metroid: Samus Returns 08/02/2017

2017-08-08 11:24 Unfinished

Brad and Ben have trouble putting this metroid back in captivity, so they recruit an expert.

Quick Look: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

2017-08-08 40:27 Quick Looks

Brad and Jason are joined by the voices in their heads to do a little puzzle-solving and sword fighting.

Quick Look: Slime Rancher

2017-08-07 38:07 Quick Looks

How many Hen Hens does it take to make the Tabby Gordo burst? There's only one way to find out.

Best of Giant Bomb 129 - Brad Max

2017-08-05 10:03 Best of Giant Bomb

Two cars enter. One car leaves.

Quick Look: Wrestling Revolution 3D

2017-08-04 34:33 Quick Looks

Alex and Dan explore the world of wrestling with stars like Hank Slogan, Thunder Tiger, and Slick Dude.

ThursDota: The All Hero Challenge 08/03/17

2017-08-03 38:29 Features

Brad's back and stronger than ever. But if he's going to progress in this challenge, he's going to need the biggest, blackest holes he can muster.

Quick Look: The Darkside Detective

2017-08-03 14:48 Quick Looks

Join Abby and Vinny as they solve the mystery of what happened to a little girl and which adventure game is the best.

Quick Look: Tacoma

2017-08-02 32:49 Quick Looks

In this short sci-fi title, we uncover mysteries, play some pool, and discuss the possibilities of cats in space.

Giant Bombcast 492: Plug Into TV

2017-08-01 05:47 Giant Bombcast

GameSpot’s Peter Brown pops in to chat about retro topics big and small, from the mini-Genesis boondoggle to prototype Ataris and five-figure Super Mario carts, along with the hottest games of the day like Tacoma, Pyre, Sundered, and maple syrup corndogs.