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Quick Look: Friday the 13th: The Game

2017-06-24 26:31 Quick Looks

I can't wait for summer camp! I sure hope I don't get murdered or suffer any connection issues!

Quick Look: Nex Machina: Death Machine

2017-06-23 21:54 Quick Looks

We've got a 3x multiplier with Jeff, Brad, and Alex, so let's go shoot some robots! And save humans, I guess.

Quick Look: The Fidelio Incident

2017-06-22 39:29 Quick Looks

Iceland may be cold and unforgiving, but those smooth Irish accents are like a warm soft hug. 🤗

E3 2017: Abby and Ben's Guide to Dank-Ass Shirts

2017-06-21 03:57 Events

There are right choices and wrong choices in life, but when it comes to E3 merch, Abby and Ben are here to lead the way.

Nite Three at E3 2017: Andy Salisbury, Michael de Plater, and Tim Turi

2017-06-21 47:30 Events

Jeff sits down to chat with Tim Turi (Capcom), Michael de Plater (Middle-earth: Shadow of War), and Andy Salisbury (Middle-earth: Shadow of War).

Nite Three at E3 2017: John Drake

2017-06-21 31:52 Events

John Drake (Mayor of Video Games) teaches Jeff Gerstmann and Alex Navarro how to fidget spin.

Nite Three at E3 2017: Robin Hunicke, Kelly Wallick, and Samantha Kalman

2017-06-21 46:57 Events

Robin Hunicke (Funomena), Kelly Wallick (Indie Megabooth), and Samantha Kalman (Astroneer) discuss games with Jeff!

Nite Three at E3 2017: Editor Check-In

2017-06-21 37:20 Events

Sit in with the staff as they go over what they saw on the floor and why Dan is still using his millennial koozie.

Nite Three at E3 2017: John Riccardi and Ed Boon

2017-06-21 50:39 Events

Jeff sits down with John Riccardi (8-4) and Ed Boon (Netherrealm).

Nite Three at E3 2017: Adam Boyes, Dave Lang, and John Vignocchi

2017-06-21 22:32 Events

Adam Boyes (Iron Galaxy), Dave Lang (Dave Lang’s Extinction), and John Vignocchi (John Vignocchi) are on the show to explain the nuanced art of dabbing.