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Quick Look: Nongünz

2017-05-28 16:15 Quick Looks

Nongunz may not have a lot to say, but Ben and Jeff discover there’s something to love when it comes to its style.

Quick Look: Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

2017-05-27 37:44 Quick Looks

If you’ve got questions about the newest iteration of the rockinest anime fighter around, we’ve got Answer.

Quick Look: Rime

2017-05-26 47:33 Quick Looks

Can't solve a puzzle? Door won't open? Try screaming at it. See if that helps.

Quick Look: Old Man's Journey

2017-05-25 17:50 Quick Looks

Life is full of tough choices, like choosing between your wife and child or the ocean.

Let's Lagoon!

2017-05-24 06:38 Features

Hey, sometimes you just need to fire up a stream and play a little Trackmania. Today was such a time. Also? This video gets a little muddy in spots. Weird!

Quick Look: TrackMania² Lagoon

2017-05-24 36:34 Quick Looks

Crazy new loopy tracks, beautiful tropical island, and the absolute worst in dubstep. Paradise.

Unfinished: Destiny 2 05/23/2017

2017-05-23 38:47 Unfinished

Jeff recorded himself shooting new space guns and brought the footage back to show Brad, Ben, and all of you.

Giant Bombcast 482: Mega Duck Hunt

2017-05-23 23:35 Giant Bombcast

Jeff’s back from LA with a bunch of thoughts on Destiny 2, then we turn to Far Cry 5, more turmoil at IO, Injustice 2, some very disturbing Rabbids, weird old consoles, and a few difficult questions.

Quick Look: World to the West

2017-05-22 18:00 Quick Looks

Ben and Brad discover that sometimes you flex on the Grue, but sometimes, the Grue flex on you.

Quick Look: Phantom Dust

2017-05-21 23:47 Quick Looks

Ben and Brad discover possible side effects for using Dust include memory loss, poor fashion choices, and inability to read skill descriptions.