Page 78: Video Games (Titles A-Z)

A Little Lily Princess


A visual novel from Hanabira.

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  • A Long Way Home


    A Long Way Home is an indie space adventure game.

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    A Magical High School Girl


    A roguelike RPG developed by Japanese independent developer IlluCallab. The game utilizes a keyword system that allows players to craft spells based on how the ...

  • PC
  • iPhone
  • A Mess O’Trouble


    A Mess O’ Trouble is the final game in the “Ray’s Maze” series of World Builder adventure games. The player is once again dropped into a wacky world and...

  • Mac
  • A Messenger Adventure


    A short Zork inspired piece of interactive fiction played with a chatbot through Facebook Messenger.

  • Browser
  • A Mind Forever Voyaging


    A Mind Forever Voyaging is a text-based sci-fi adventure game, with the player assuming the role of the first sentient artificial intelligence, PRISM, in the ye...

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  • A Mini Falafel Adventure


    A short, indie metroidvania game about a chickpea trying to rescue its friend.

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    A Mobius Proposal


    A co-op puzzle game that was created by Matt Gilgenbach to propose to his then-girlfriend.

  • PC
  • A Morons Challenge


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  • A New Beginning


    A point-and-click adventure game about a mission to travel back in time and prevent a global climate catastrophe with the help of an irritable retired scientist...

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