Page 77: Video Games (Titles A-Z)

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV


An exclusive pre-order bonus game that serves as a prologue to Final Fantasy XV. The game was later released as a free download.

  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • A Kingdom for Keflings


    An XBLA game by NinjaBee that somewhat combines Sim City with Gulliver's Travels while providing a deceptively enjoyable casual game experience.

  • Xbox 360 Games Store
  • PC
  • A Kiss for the Petals: Remembering How we Met


    Visual novel that tells the story of how the series fan favorites Risa and Miya first meet and begin their relationship.

  • PC
  • A Kitchen Sink War


    An Indie game that concerns sinks and wars. In the kitchen.

  • Xbox 360 Games Store
  • A Labyrinth Game / Supermind


    A compilation of two games for the Odyssey 2 platform.

  • Odyssey 2
  • A Legend of Luca


    A Legend of Luca is a VR FPS Rogue-Lite.

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    A Lenda da Gávea


  • MSX
  • ZX Spectrum
  • A Lenda do Herói


    A Lenda do Herói

  • PC
  • A Lenda do Herói


    A Lenda do Herói (Song for a Heroi)

  • PC
  • A Line in the Sand


  • PC