Page 44: Video Games (Least Reviewed)



The very first console RPG.

  • Atari 2600
  • TLL: Tornado Low Level


    TLL gave you control of a low flying Tornado aircraft

  • Commodore 64
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Crush, Crumble and Chomp!


    Crush, Crumble and Chomp! lets the player take control of a myriad of monsters whose only purpose is to destroy cities before being defeated by the army.

  • Apple II
  • Commodore 64
  • Atari 8-bit
  • VIC-20
  • TRS-80
  • PC
  • Ford Bold Moves Street Racing


    A racing game with cars from the Ford company.

  • PlayStation Portable
  • PlayStation 2
  • Xbox
  • PC
  • Aquatopia


    Aquatopia is a downloadable virtual aquarium for use with the PlayStation Eye. It is listed on the PlayStation Store as "Interactive Art".

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Network (PS3)
  • Akumajo Dracula THE ARCADE


    Arcade Castlevania game in which you use a whip controller to fend off demons.

  • Arcade
  • G.G Series Black x Block



  • DSiWare
  • Train Simulator: JR East Yamanote Line


    Another entry in the longrunning Train Simulator series featuring the JR East Yamanote Line.

  • Mac
  • PC
  • NEC PC-9801
  • East Vs. West


    A grand strategy game based on the Hearts of Iron franchise, focusing on the Cold War. It was cancelled after a prolonged development.

  • PC
  • World Neverland: Olerud Oukoku Monogatari


    The first installment of the World Neverland series. Players are invited to "experience of fiction life".

  • PlayStation