Redout Skidrow

Redout is an anti-grav racing game in the vein of classics like Wipeout and F-Zero.

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Redout is a high-speed, futuristic racing game from 34BigThings. Featuring a low-poly art style and a physics-driven gameplay model, humanity's best pilots compete in the Solar Redout Racing League, driving anti gravity ships on magnetic tracks across an abandoned Earth.


The game is divided between a career, quick race and multiplayer modes. The player can control the craft's throttle, direction, energy, yaw and pitch to avoid grinding the walls and floor, but also to counter blackouts and redouts as the tracks unfold. Before each race, two powerups can be installed on each craft, these allow for some degree of customization of the craft's behaviour during the race, such as increased grip, shields or energy.


The game offers a career mode spanning 75+ events. As the player progresses through the events, they will be able to unlock the different racing classes and upgrade their crafts and powerups.

Racing Teams

Featuring 6 different racing teams across 4 speed classes, each team offers a different craft with different strengths and weaknesses : ESA-AGR, Koeniggswerth Engineering, Sulha AG, Conqueror Technologies, Asera, and Lunare Scuderia.


20 different tracks are featured in the game, each in one of four different locations : Cairo, Alaska, Abruzzo and Volcano.

Game Modes

Time Attack : Regular time attack mode.

Speed : Time attack with additional turbos. Staying above the target speed subtracts seconds from the final lap time.

Survival : The craft is constantly drained of its health, there are obstacles on the track, and respawns are disabled. The player must clear the most checkpoints they can before time runs out.

Instagib : Time attack with greatly increased wall damage and no respawns.

Race : Standard race.

Arena Race : Race event with no respawns.

Last Man Standing : Elimination race where each lap the last contender is disqualified.

Score : Endurance race where the winner is determined by their score. Hitting turbos, clean and fast laps, and staying ahead of the pack raise your score.

Boss : Endurance race where five tracks are joined together with teleporters.

Multiplayer : The game features 12-player online races.