Legion of Heroes Skidrow

Team building 3D RPG with heavy emphasis on character collection and progression.

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Strategy team building game with immersive quest lines, multiple modes of play, and head to head combat for guilds and single players alike. Leader boards for community achievements and an array of unique characters and costumes to help you reach the top.


Main Characters are chosen at the start of the game and will represent the player throughout all modes of play. As the main character levels it changes in appearance and skills receive upgrades. Along with main heroes there are a multitude of support heroes that can be obtained through various means as players journey through the game. Support heroes have unique roles in each team such as healer, tank, stunner, etc. Every support hero has a designated season that signifies when it was released as well as innate power level and growth level. See the Guide Section for detailed descriptions of each heroes' skills, season, and role in the team.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode: Advance through acts to help solve the mysteries of an unknown world.
  • Bounty Hunt: Take down powerful bosses to receive chests containing upgrade materials and special treasure chest that contain medals and have a rare chance of containing rare gear. Three modes are available after unlocking each--Easy, Normal, and Hell modes.
  • Phase Rift: Fight through waves up enemies or eliminate ultimate level bosses to obtain rare equipment enhancement materials. The materials change each day of the week and on Saturday and Sunday any of the six available rifts can be selected.
  • Myth Raid: With three levels of difficulty, the bosses rotate weekly and each phase drops valuable items used to upgrade unique rings and purchase mythic level gear. Challenge mode is complete with leader boards that encourage competition for mode specific medals that can be used to purchase items from a mysterious NPC.
  • Towers of Chaos: Sporting 100 floors in normal mode and 30 floors in Hard mode. Climb to the top for ever increasing experience and better and better gear. At the top of each floor a boss is waiting requiring strategy and tactics to conqueror before unlocking new content.
  • Infinite Battle: Pits 3 teams of 5 against another players 3 teams of five and see who reigns supreme. This mode pays out weekly rewards based on rank. With the best rewards being hard to obtain gear chests and medals. Gold is also awarded per victory based on rank.
  • Coliseum: Standardized PvP that equalizes the playing field. Players are required to choose three units as a starting formation and add units each round randomly selected to adapt to the opposing players tactics. This mode pays out weekly in game currency based on divisions which include bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and a special league draft--Royal League.