WWE: Champions Skidrow

Match up some gems in this WWE-themed puzzle game for mobile devices.

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WWE: Champions is a puzzle game with RPG elements developed by Kung Fu Factory and published by Scopely for iPhone, iPad, and Android.


The Bottom Playfield
The Bottom Playfield

In WWE: Champions players take on the role of a new general manager in the WWE.

Gameplay consists of matching rows of gems by swapping two adjacent gems in order to make a match of three or more. Each of the colored gems represents energy that is collected when matched. This energy is used to activate special attacks or abilities when a certain number of the required energy is collected.

Some battles in the campaign mode require players to use a character with a certain type of characteristic such as showboat or powerhouse.


When players finish a battle with an opponent, the wrestler used will not heal their health back. Players must instead use a health pack to heal them in between battles. Health packs can be obtained by purchasing them in the in game store, get them by leveling up, get them from item packs, or wait a set amount of real time for them to replenish.

Pin Meter

The Pin Meter
The Pin Meter

The pin meter is located in between the top screen showing the wrestlers battling it out and the bottom of the screen where the playfield gems are located.

The pin meter moves to the side of a player when taking damage. The more damage done the more the meter moves. Once the pin meter moves all the way to one players side they are then being pinned by the opponent.

Players then have three turns to try and kick out of the pin by getting a set number of points or higher. The less health a player has the more points are required to kick out.


During a battle there are some of the gems in the playfield that are replaced by cases. These cases represent loot that players can obtain.

Battles have three tiers of loot that can be obtained by getting a certain number of these cases matched. The three tiers are bronze, silver, and gold which represent different rewards earned.


An Example Of Some Missions
An Example Of Some Missions

WWE: Champions features a mission system. A list of missions is available with varying degrees of difficulty. These missions include actions such as using a specific item, defeating a set number of opponents, leveling a superstar and more.

Once these missions are completed the player can collect a cash reward of varying amounts. The more difficult the mission the more cash it is worth.

If five missions are completed players will receive a mission bag. The mission back contains a group of items.


The Premium Currency Shop
The Premium Currency Shop

There are two types of currencies in WWE: Champions. The first are coins that can be obtained in game by hitting loot goals, logging in daily, and opening cases.

The other type of currency is a premium currency called cash. Cash is obtained by purchasing with real money. Small amounts of cash can be earned by watching ad videos or completing offers such as downloading other apps or signing up for services.