Turf Battles: Triumphus Skidrow

Turf Battles is a 3D MMORPG. Players are able to create new characters and choose between 1 of 5 classes. Players work together in Tribes/Guilds to take dominion of resource filled Turfs/Islands.

Game Story

Hundreds of years ago Dark Wizards were experimenting with new potions that would amplify their own powers. They tested the potions in the land of Veros, they inject it into butterflies that roamed their lands. However, the potion had disastrous and unforeseen effects. The butterflies quickly began to mutate and become rabid creatures. They immediately attacked the dark wizards, spreading the mutation on to them. Within days all of Veros had succumb to the deadly mutation. Within a week the mutation had travelled to the land of humans, Ladianes. It to was destroyed by the mutation, the disease.

Those who managed to escape the lands of Ladianes & Veros in time were fortunate enough to land on the shores of Fuan Island. A distant and strange land, a land far far away from their own homes. The rest of the citizens and creates suffered either terrible deaths or unholy mutations that left them as nothing more than mindless monsters.

Centuries passed and the citizens of Ladianes & Veros feared they would never return to their home lands. The leaders of both nations (Veros & Ladianes) joined forces and assembled a reconnaissance task force to return to their lands and asses if it was safe to return to their beloved homes.

The task force landed on the shorts of Ladianes and were able to quickly deduce that the deadly disease was now gone, but the destruction and foul mutation that it left behind remained. None the less, they returned to the Island of Fuan to tell the rest of their nations.

Humans and Nephilim alike are finally returning to Ladianes and Veros. They face danger from creatures and ghosts from the past, the children of the disease.

However, this is nothing compared to the danger they pose to themselves. As humans and nephilims resettle both in Ladianes and Veros, they will inevitable form tribes and claim as much stake in the land as possible.

One thing is for certain.

Turf Battles are inevitable, Turf Battles are here!