Bombshell Skidrow

A top down action-RPG from Interceptor Entertainment.

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Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison is an accomplished Colonel in the Global Defense Force. The only thing she does better than giving orders is kicking butt. Unfortunately every grunt knows that sooner or later they are going to roll snake eyes. That day came for Shelly during the “Washington Incident”. One operational mistake after another cost everything; her team, her command, her commission and her arm!

Lucky for Bombshell there are other organizations that don’t have the same ethical challenges the government does. A private military contractor contact her and offered a deal. Come work for them and get an opportunity to use her skills again. The payment? A new experimental mechanical arm.

Players guide Bombshell through Four planets as she destroys aliens in an attempt to rescue the president.


Bombshell originally started out as a new Duke Nukem game from 3D Realms. Originally titled Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, the game was not known to the public until a lawsuit from Gearbox Software regarding the rights to Duke Nukem. Gearbox won the lawsuit and the game was overhauled to star a new character, Shelly Harrison, who originally would have appeared as a supporting character in Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction.

Bombshell was teased through a website,, in early 2014. The site was nothing more than a countdown timer, but on May 14, 2014 Bombshell was officially revealed and announced.