1950s Lawn Mower Kids Skidrow

Zordix takes you back to the '50s with 1950s Lawn Mower Kids.

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1950s Lawn Mower Kids is a management game developed and published by Zordix AB for DSiWare.


This is the story Tom, Nancy, and Tim. They have had the great idea to make some extra money for the summer by mowing the lawns of the neighborhood. Their good friend, aptly named Mr Mowman, has promised to help them with this. The kids know he is works at a government facility close by and he has a garage full of strange things he tinkers with during his spare time.


1950s Lawn Mower kids is a time management game where 3 kids are controlled simultaneously while they mow lawns for money. The kids need to be micro managed to avoid dogs, cats, angry people, and intricately made dinner tables to mow each lawn in best time possible.


  • Tim: A lovable kid with a winning smile and many ways turn frowns up side down. He is the favorite kid of all the grown ups and gets away with making mistakes much more easily than the other two.
  • Nancy: She is the tech kid in the gang. Her ability to use her equipment to her advantage is her most useful trait. She rides a big mower that scares the dogs and cats enough to not attack.
  • Tom: Tom is in very good shape and has quick reactions. He excels in all things physical. His speed and quick reactions enable him to duck all the balls that are thrown his way.
  • Mr.Mowman: A strange neighbor that works for a secret government entity and tinkers with strange inventions in his garage.