Æon Flux Skidrow

Æon Flux is a game based on the 2005 film, which is based on the cartoon series of the same name. You play as Æon Flux, the top operative of a government rebellion, on her mission to kill a government leader.

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Æon Flux is a third person action adventure game developed by Terminal Reality. Despite being licensed after the film, the game is actually a prequel and is set 400 years before the beginning of the film. You play as Æon through multiple levels, defeating enemies and solving basic platforming puzzles.

Charlize Theron's likeness and voice are both in the game. In order for the story to progress and end at the beginning of the movie, Æon dies at the end of each chapter, waking up many years later sometimes changing sides. Like the movie, the game is based in the universe of the cartoon.

In terms of gameplay, Æon Flux is a mix of platforming and combat with some stealth thrown in. The combat is both melee-based and gun-based. You can execute combos and use your "style" bar for devastating attacks.