Infinity: Battlescape Skidrow

A sci-fi space combat game with procedurally-generated planets and the capability of seamless travel from space to a planet's surface.


Infinity: Battlescape is a multiplayer space combat sim set in a fictional star system where three competing factions of the Starfold Confederacy are fighting for control over resources. Built using the studio's proprietary I-Novae Engine, the game's entire star system will be modeled at true-to-life scale with procedurally generated planets, moons, asteroid belts, planetary rings and other celestial phenomena. The player will be capable of flying seamlessly to any location in the system including descending directly from space to a planet's surface. The intended goal is that hundreds of players will be able to battle their way across the system to destroy their enemy's infrastructure through orbital bombardment from capital ships and / or smaller bombers, interceptors and corvettes.


Matches will consist of each team being allocated a set number of resource installations to defend and each player is given an amount of credits to buy equipment and ships. At certain intervals there will be AI controlled cargo ships that will transfer raw materials to the nearest space station or planetary base for processing and this will generate more income for the team. Players will be able to donate funds amongst their allies to assist. This will allow for multiple gameplay strategies including destroying the enemy's cargo supply lines to disrupt their combat capabilities.


The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter with a total of $332,620.00. Alongside this campaign, I-Novae Studios had already completed the bulk of their engine work and needed funding to enable the staff to work full-time on the game's development. Inovae are aiming to release sometime in 2017.