Extreme Paintbrawl Skidrow

A first-person shooter / paintball simulator.

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Extreme Paintbrawl is a first-person shooter based on the sport of paintball. It was developed by Creative Carnage and released by HeadGames Publishing in its line of video games under the Extreme name. The developer was given only two weeks to work on the game using the Build engine, resulting in slapdash presentation and artificial intelligence. The game was released to overwhelmingly negative reception; much of the criticism was focused on technical issues, particularly related to the A.I.

The interface used for the game runs on Windows 95 and higher, yet the game itself runs on DOS. This causes compatibility issues on later versions of Windows.


Extreme Paintbrawl features five different arenas (ranging from the desert to outer space), that can only be played in one mode: 8-on-8 Capture the Flag. The player wins the game if they eliminate all the enemy A.I. or touch the enemy flag. If players are "tagged", they immediately control an ally A.I. and continue the game. If all eight of the player's team is eliminated, the player loses the game. The player can switch between different A.I. manually at any time (to access different weapons and gear).

Players cannot issue orders to ally bots, who often get stuck behind obstacles. Depending on the difficulty of the enemy team, they can sometimes act like aimbots, shooting the player from across the map with deadly range and accuracy.

The Windows interface features everything needed to set up a single-player campaign. Players can create/load campaigns, which consist of a pre-determined "tournament" against pre-determined teams. The interface also includes a "shop" where players must buy new guns, ammo, and CO2 canisters with money won from previous battles. Players can also swap A.I. players for new players with different stats, though its effect is minimal due to the incomplete A.I. coding.

Multiplayer through online or LAN were also available, though limited to standard deathmatch.